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VIALAND, the first shopping, entertainment and lifestyle complex in Turkey and the world to combine a theme park, shopping center and exhibition center in one, with an investment by the Gürsoy Group valued at 650 million dollars, opened its doors to visitors on May 26, 2013.

VIALAND, which is the first shopping, entertainment, and life complex to combine a theme park, a shopping mall, and a show center both in Turkey and in the world, was opened on 26 May 2013 with an investment of 650 million dollars. VIALAND operates on an area of 600,000 sqm within the body of Gürsoy Investment Holding and offers alternatives for all ages and preferences with its rich brand range on 110,000 sqm rentable commercial spaces located on its indoor and outdoor shopping streets. VIALAND Castle, which rises with all its glory on an area of 200,000 sqm at the entrance of VIALAND theme park, opens the doors to a dreamland to its visitors. And its 100,000 sqm show center includes a concert venue for 15,000 people, a wide green field, a lagoon, and various activity fields appealing to large groups.

Fifth Best Theme Park of Europe

As Turkey's integrated retail world that broke new ground in the world with the integrated Shopping Center and Theme Park within its body, VIALAND welcomed more than 24 million visitors in 2015. Vialand, which continues to grow with new investments every year, became the source of pride for Turkey with the international awards it has won one after another. Vialand, which proved its success in its field by being named as the Fifth Best among 800 Theme Parks in Europe at the European Star Awards 2015, won the jury special prize in "Europe's Specialty Retail Projects" category of ICSC and "Turkey's Youngest Superbrand" award at Superbrands 2015. Moreover, Vialand was deemed worthy of "Turkey's Best Thematic Entertainment Center" award at Atrax Awards and "Turkey's Best Sociocultural Project" award at Sign of The City Awards.

360 Degrees of Integrated Retailing

With a Theme Park and a shopping center under its body, Vialand is a unique example for the entire world… Vialand, which is composed of a theme park, a hotel, a shopping center, and a show center with a 360 degrees integrated retailing mentality, offers the chance to have fun as a family with its attractions for all ages. VIALAND Shopping Streets stand out not just as a shopping center, but also as a recreation center that rises to prominence right besides VIALAND Theme Park, the first and the only world class theme park in Turkey. VIALAND Shopping Streets, which attract attention with their different architecture and have a tramway passing between them, offer outdoor shopping and entertainment opportunities together with its more than 200 stores, food and beverage points, and activity spaces.



The Gürsoy Group, established in 1988, is active in the construction, metal and food sectors. Güryapı, from among the Gürsoy Group companies, has specialized in the fields of infrastructure, super structure and the restoration of historical structures, signing off on many significant buildings and residential areas of Istanbul. The Feshane building, Miniatürk, the 1453 Panorama Museum, Bağdat Caddesi, the Süleymaniye Mosque, Piyalepaşa Mosque, Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi, The Egyptian Consulate, the Mimar Sinan Mosque in Ataşehir, KiptaşHadımköy and the Metrokent mass housing projects are only a few of such projects.